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VetSquare.com is a professionally managed e-commerce organisation dealing with the continuous needs in the Animal Health Industry. We act as a modern marketplace where companies  meet electronically in buying and selling their wide range of animal health products. We support the daily B2B transactions of our buyers and sellers all over the world. VetSquare.com  is your one-stop link for buying and selling your products as well as gaining contacts with other international associates within the industry.   

VetSquare.com, having been associated with the Animal Health Industry for 50 years is backed by a consortium of industry players who have global business contacts and deep understanding of the market. We at VetSquare.com focus on quality and reliability of services for our customers. With over 300 products of Vitamins, Nutritional and Health Feed additives on the Exchange, VetSquare.com has certainly made trading much easier and convenient for everyone.  With VetSquare.com around, you get to buy and sell your products at the most accessible way - all with just a click of a mouse from virtually anywhere in the world!  

Our Global VetExchangePlus provides you with the opportunity to be part of this dynamic online business.

B2B Transactions of Buyers & Sellers around the world in our 24 hour online marketplace. View the products listed on the Trade Square -

  • Vitamins
  • Health
  • Nutrition and
  • Branded Products
  • Your very own personalized page where you get to view your past and current product enquiries/offers/bids on VetSquare.com. Negotiate privately online with the other party at your own convenience.

    Exhibit your company on our Virtual Expo Booth at absolutely NO cost at all!* Develop sales and business leads with other Vet Professionals here in the Expo.

    Product Customization –submit your specifications online for customized premixes that includes Vitamin and Mineral Premixes, Feed Additives and Water Solubles. Premium Sourcing - Principals & Representatives wanted ! Submit your profile now

    Exchange views and ideas with other Animal Health Professionals around the globe!


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    Global Animal Health Professionals : Importers, Exporters, Distributors, Manufacturers, Nutritionists, Veterinarians, Research Scientists, Institutions, Associations, Lab Scientists ………

    Benefits to Buyers

  • Gain Access to Real time Prices & Information
  • Access to potential trading partners worldwide
  • Alternate source in the supply chain
  • Open architecture allowing maximum participation by all trading partners
  • Managed transaction functions ensure the quality of our services
  • Benefits to Sellers

  • Access to potential trading partners
  • New sales Channel-exposure and access to new customers
  • Real time access to Buyer Enquiries and Trend Pricing
  • Ability to aggregate / focus demand across all Buyers
  • Open architecture allowing maximum participation by all trading partners
  • In Summary…………

    From Manufacturers to Distributors, Feed Mills to Farms, Associations to Research Institutions, VetSquare’s Complete Business Solution brings you a step forward to trade efficiently and effectively with other business partners worldwide.

    For more information on VetSquare.com, please contact us at admin@vetsquare.com

    "Click Locally, Trade Globally..... Leave The Rest To Us®"